inlingua Braunschweig/Wolfsburg is an institution which offers foreign language education in Germany, which is also a partner of inlingua, one of the biggest association of independent institution for foreign language teaching in the world.

For inlingua, language is a cultural expression and through their teaching, inlingua strives to make a significant contribution for a better understanding about people with different cultural background. Therefore, inlingua arranged an original concept for their courses and it is professionally taught to the students.

In 2018, Exzellenz Institut, which is located in Indonesia, and inlingua Braunschweig, which is located in Germany, committed to work together to educate teachers from Indonesia. Both institutions will also hold a language proficiency test and German language course.

The main reason for this cooperation is so that the participants, who will be university students in Germany, could achieve the guaranteed language proficiency in their home country. The ability to master German language will be determined by taking a participation in the language proficiency test and the students will received a certificate which will be recognized in Germany.

More information about Inlingua Braunschweig:

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